What We Do

Through the introduction of games and activities, children are encouraged to express themselves freely without any fear of repression. Life lessons like leadership skills, communication skills, team building, health practices, confidence building and responsibility are blended with activities to make learning enjoyable and purposeful. Through play children learn to take charge of their lives as having fun is an important element of the play based modules. .

We strive always to provide safe space for dialogue for participants/ children and team members alike with no fear. Whenever needed confidentiality is kept in order to gain the trust of our participants and provide that safe space. The bonds formed through these interactions we hope will grow and be internalized to instill feelings of mutual trust, respect, friendship transcending all divisions and barriers. .

Just as Atisa dedicated his life to the upliftment and spreading of peace among all beings, through this humble attempt we hope to impact lives, imprint memories and inspire peace amongst the communities we engage with.