Atisa Wheel

We are no experts on particular themes, just a group of enthusiastic people willing to learn and collaborate and contribute in whichever way is best suited. Since we are aware of our limitations at ‘Atisa’-Play, Learn, Grow, as a growing organization we are open to meaningful collaboration with multiple stakeholders and resource persons.

Priyanka Singh
Priyanka, the founder and President of Atisa- Play, Learn, Grow has been associated in the social development sector in various capacities since 2005. Being an avid traveler and having an interest in social development, she has been involved in numerous stakeholder consultations under diverse circumstances, be it in the educational sector or in the conflict and governance sector during her days at Women in Conflict Management and Peace (WISCOMP) and Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA). Using her experience of working with out of school children at Prayas Institute for Juvenile Justice (New Delhi) and working with community members at the grass root level, she has been keen to explore the method of ‘play’ to transform a child’s life while preparing them for their future. Constantly looking for innovative ways to engage children from disadvantaged backgrounds, one often sees Priyanka when not travelling being engaged at Atisa field site in a game of football or story telling or maybe just screaming her lungs out!!

Pallavi with over 9 years of experience as a Human Resource (HR) Professional is the Secretary at Atisa- Play, Learn, Grow. She has been instrumental in fostering communication and diligence amongst the key members of the team during the inception phase of the organization’s growth. With her expertise in program development and strategic planning, she has been contributing towards guiding and developing the organization from strength to strength. With her experience of undertaking various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for disadvantaged communities, she has advised Atisa- Play, Learn, Grow in the development of innovative methods of ‘play’ that can be introduced for the children. Pallavi besides distributing her time as a HR Professional and at Atisa, is an enthusiastic traveler and can be seen frequently packing her bags to go off on a trip.

Lata Rajinder Singh
Vice President
Lata with over 17 years of experience as an educationist is the anchor and guide behind Atisa- Play, Learn, Grow. Passionate about working with children as an educationist she has been involved in conducting drama workshops for school children and undertaking welfare activities for wives of army personnel. Pursuance to her love for drama and teaching, Lata has been a key supporter and contributor to the concept of ‘Atisa’ from its initial days. Applying her skills of ‘story telling’ and ‘elocution’ she has been facilitating evening classes for the children attending rural schools at Pathankot and letting the children experience the joys of ‘play’ while learning. When not busy with being an advisor and facilitator at Atisa, she can be found indulging in her favoured leisure activity of reading or tending her kitchen garden.

Taranum Goel
Digital Marketer
Taranum with over 12 years of experience in New Media, Web Technologies, Social Media, Academic and Information Technology is the Communication Specialist at Atisa- Play, Learn, Grow. Experienced in creating and managing Lead Generation campaigns across various sectors she has contributed in developing the social media platforms for Atisa. Active in fund raising and awareness campaigns, Tarannum has been providing support in creating innovative ideas for dissemination of information related to Atisa and collaborating with other organisations on a wider platform

Nazia Manzoor
Nazia has been involved in the social development sector since 2010 and is currently engaged with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Being a student of human rights and peace and conflict resolution, she has actively participated in numerous workshops and been a lecturer at the University level. Working with individuals from impoverished backgrounds and those seeking asylum status, Nazia as a member of Atisa – Play, Learn, Grow has been actively involved with the organization by providing her inputs on preparation of curriculum modules for the children. Understanding the fact that caste can create hurdles for individuals in the society to receive their basic human right, Nazia believes that Atisa can break this stereotype by creating a platform for children from disadvantaged communities to work together to develop a brighter future

Susan Vauquelin
Susan with over 9 years of experience as a Social Development Consultant by profession is the Treasurer at Atisa- Play, Learn, Grow. Being an ardent reader and an enthusiast in travelling and working with disadvantaged communities in rural settings, she has experience in undertaking social impact assessment studies for development projects and conducting stakeholder consultations at various levels. Committed to the ideal of ‘be the change’ she has been providing support to Atisa since its inception. Believing that ‘play’ can be a transformative force throughout life, she has been eager in exploring the innovative methods of play that can help change and enrich the future of children belonging to disadvantaged communities.

Bhavita Vaishnava
Honorary Member
Bhavita, an ardent development practitioner with over 10 years of grassroot and regional experience in community development, citizen participation, social accountability and monitoring & evaluation is a member at Atisa- Play, Grow, Learn. With diverse experience of conducting capacity building programmes, leadership programmes and co-editing a book on civic engagement, she strongly believes in the power of participation and the potential it has in transforming communities. With that strong belief, she has been actively involved in preparing training modules for the children and exploring options of coordinating with other organisations in awareness campaigns. Using her experience in designing and implementing social welfare initiatives for Corporates, Bhavita has been providing her inputs for making Atisa an organization that can bring change to the child and the community at large.

Simran Bambrah
Simran with over 11 years of experience in the social development sector has been involved with organisations such as Prayas Institute for Juvenile Justice (New Delhi), ICFAI Foundation (Ahmedabad), SAATH Charitable Trust (Ahmedabad) and Snehalaya Centre for Child Rights (Guwahati). Bringing her long standing experience of working with children to the Atisa platform, Simran as a member of Atisa- Play, Learn, Grow believes that through the diverse methods of ‘play’ the child can develop effectively and successfully. She has been contributing immensely to Atisa by developing innovative training manuals and activity based curriculum modules for engagement with the children and their parents. Acknowledging the fact that learning starts from ‘home’ Simran, has been enthusiastic in connecting with the parents of the children and getting them involved in their child’s development for a positive future.